Trail Updates:

New Locations:

To reach the trailhead, consult the Long Creek Falls hike on pg. 132 and add the following directions.

From the intersection of Battle Creek Rd. and Turkey Ridge Rd., drive Turkey Ridge Rd. for approx. 2.25 miles and look carefully for the carsonite stake marking the Opossum Creek at Chattooga River Trail. Hike this moderate-difficult trail for 2.05 miles to river level. Once there, hike downstream for approximately 300' to the mouth of Opossum Creek. Hike the north side of the creek upstream for .3 of a mile +or- to the viewing area for the lower tier. The upper tiers are still not accessible. Hazards: heavy undergrowth; some fallen trees must be crossed; slick rocks.

An "8", .25 of a mile, moderate, heavy undergrowth near falls.

Please see directions to the Falls on the Horsepasture River and travel south on NC 281 an additional 2.7 miles to SR 1189 (Brewer Rd.) which is on the left. Park (on the shoulder) at the intersection of 1189 and an old logging road (which leads steeply uphill). Please do not block the gate. Watch carefully for 55 mph traffic while walking NC 281 in a southerly direction. In 730', at the north end of the 2nd guardrail (painted with the the numbers 202+20), look for a slim path that enters the woods and treads a concrete drainage flume for a short distance. The path then follows the base of NC 281's rip-rap covered slope and soon veers left and winds through the rhododendron and doghobble on its final approach of the falls. Carefully descend White Owl's steep slope to stream level. This is a beautiful spot with very few visitors. It is best photographed on an overcast day.

A "7", .1 of a mile, steep and tricky descent to base.

Please see directions to White Owl Falls (above) and travel south on NC 281 for an additional 1.3 miles and park on the left (east) side of NC 281. (If you pass Whitewater Church Rd. [on the right side of 281] you missed the correct spot by 400'.) Walk north to the south end of the guardrail and a lone power pole. Backtrack 50' and head northeast, passing to the right side of a mound-like boulder as you enter the woods. Follow the vague pathway a total of 240' to the top area. Once there, look for a steep and winding pathway to their base (another 100' or so). This is another beautiful spot. Like White Owl, it is best photographed on an overcast day.

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