Georgia Waterfalls


Ada-Hi Falls
Amicalola Falls
Ammons Creek Falls
Angel Falls
Anna Ruby Falls (2)
Bad Branch Falls
Barnes Creek Falls
Bearden Creek Falls
Becky Branch Falls
Big Creek Falls (3)
Big Rock Falls
Black Falls
Blood Mountain Falls (3)
Blue Hole Falls
Buzzard Mountain Branch
Cascade Falls Pine Mountain Trail
Cascade Falls (2)
Cathy Ellis Falls Lower
Cathy Ellis Falls Upper
Chattooga Three Forks
Crow Creek Falls
Crow Mountain Creek Falls
Cowrock Creek
Csonka Falls
Deer Run Falls Tray Mtn. (email for directions)
Denton Creek Falls (Prelude to Falls)
Denton Creek Falls
DeSoto Falls
Dicks Creek Falls (Lumpkin Co.)
Dicks Creek Falls (Rabun Co.)
Double Culvert Branch Falls
Dry Falls
Dukes Creek Falls
Emery Creek Falls Upper
Emery Creek Falls Lower
Estatoah Falls (Private, seen from Hwy.)
Fall Branch Falls (Fannin Co.)
Fall Branch Falls (Towns Co.)
Fall Branch Falls (Swallow Creek Area, Towns Co.)
Gold Mine Branch Falls
Hamby Branch Falls
High Falls, NC (Accessed from Georgia)
High Falls (High Falls S. P.)
Helton Creek Falls
Hemlock Falls
Holcomb Creek and Holcomb Creek at Three Forks
High Shoals Falls
Horse Branch Falls
Horsetrough Falls
Hurricane Falls (Vertical)
Hurricane Falls
Jacks River Falls
Jiggers Creek Falls
Keown Falls
Kilby Mill Creek Falls
La Dore
Laurel Mountain Falls
Little Ridge Creek Falls (2)
Little Rock Creek Falls
Low Gap Creek (2)
Lower Law Ground Falls
Martin Creek Falls
Mill Creek Falls (Cohutta Area)
Mill Creek Falls (Towns Co.)
Minnehaha Falls
Moccasin Creek Falls
Mountaintown Creek Falls
Nancytown Falls
Noontootla Falls
Oceana Falls
Overflow Creek (Singley Falls)
Panther Falls (Lake Rabun Area)
Panther Creek Falls (Chattooga Ranger District, Near Tallulah Gorge)
Panther Creek Falls (Cohutta Wilderness)
Panther Creek Falls (Cohutta Wilderness) Horizontal
Pigeon Roost Creek Falls
Pocket Branch Falls
Pocket Branch Falls Version 2
Raper Creek Falls
Raven Cliffs Falls (Lower)
Raven Cliffs (Middle)
Raven Cliffs (Grotto)
Reed Creek Upper Falls
Reed Creek Lower Falls
Sea Creek Falls
Slippery Rock Falls
Stonewall Falls (Upper)
Stonewall Falls (Lower)
Tempesta Falls
Thomas Falls, NC (2) (Accessed from Georgia)
Toccoa (Private on Toccoa Falls College Campus)
Trahlyta Falls (Vogel State Park)
Twin Falls
Walden Creek Falls
Warwoman Falls
Ward Creek Falls
Waters Creek Falls
Waterfall #1 Cloudland Canyon State Park now known as Cherokee Falls
Waterfall #2 Cloudland Canyon State Park now known as Hemlock Falls
Waterfall #3
Wateroak Falls, NC (Accessed from Georgia)
Wildcat Creek Falls(2)

Please note that I have left out perhaps a dozen falls with private property at the top, bottom or adjacent to them. One of the most beautiful falls in Georgia is on Forest Service land but access is through private property.

Private Top private. Access is landlocked by private property.
Private Though most of the No Trespassing Signs are missing, this is Private Property.